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With over 1500 International agents in Marbella and Costa del Sol who should you use to sell your property and will that company be the right one. Whilst we cannot make that decision for you we can at least outline why we believe Gray Stuart is your perfect partner for selling your property.

Why Use Gray Stuart to Sell your Property?

There are many reasons you should use our company with the obvious one that you cannot list it with all 1500 agents but below are the major reasons.

  • A local and international agent with extensive reach both locally and internationally and we market both locally and internationally which gives you the best opportunity to sell your property.
  • A local and international network of agents giving us one of the greatest reaches in the world today. Most importantly we are in regular contact with all 1500 hundred local agents making sure they are always aware that your property is available for sale.
  • Maybe the most important one we are the agent you can trust with your property and to manage your viewings safely and securely.
  • Professional Videos and Photos taken of your property and marketed on Social Media.

Exclusive Listings

So if we start from the point that there are over 1500 agents on the coast and which agents should you pick to list with, you can see it might make much more sense to list your property with one agent you know you can trust, will look after your property and manage your viewings perfectly. This leading to the end result of selling your property in the shortest time scale possible.

When we take on a listing Exclusively we arrange an Open House and invite all the agents likely to sell your property to come and view. This is done with your full consent and permission as we appreciate some owner might want to limit the amount of people in their home at one time. Saying that an Open House is one of the most effective ways to sell your property.

The other important factor is we give the majority of the commission to the selling agent so they don’t need to list the property directly and just use our professional services and our proven closing sales skills to help them make a sale. It is also an incentive for us to make the sale with our direct clients so we get the full commission on the sale.

On all exclusive listings we take a professional video of the property and do special marketing of your property on Social Media and in essence nothing is left to chance in relation to sell your property.

Finally, we also offer Off Market Property sales for those of you who do not want your property on the internet or other people to know it is for sale. However, as you can appreciate this limits the amount of people who will find out about your property.

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